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The Block Realty culture, nay Family Style Brokerage is second to none. We pride ourselves in not only having a great group of extremely productive agents but also in the ethical standards of our agents. There is no one agent that is more important than our company. We are a team together and the idea of working together through a collective process is what drives our success. Our agents have been described as having “just the right amount of ego”. Meaning, no one works from a place of scarcity and our agents are not afraid to share ideas and techniques with each other.

This ethos is certainly reflected in the performance of our agents. We have found that happy agents are productive agents. And, to complete the circle, the more productive our agents are, the happier they become. That feeling is certainly infectious. After even a brief visit to the Block Realty offices, you’ll notice that its “vibe” is that of an office filled with agents excited about closing deals and improving each other’s productivity.

I am an Active Buying and Selling Broker, there…I said it.  So let’s take a look at what that does for you and what it doesn’t mean is: (A) A broker that makes so much money from agent splits that they don’t have to sell homes. OR (B) A broker that is semi-retired on a salary enjoying the twilight of their career and can’t really sell a home.  Either way, you’re probably not going to learn very much about the current state of Real Estate sales from either example. At Block Realty I guarantee two things:

I run a tremendous real estate business and will continue to do so and in my findings, I will share everything they do with you. There are no secrets. I am here to help. Need advice about your website? No problem. Need me to go to a listing appointment for a 2 million dollar home? Sure, of course. My door is always open for direction, advice, and assistance.

All you have to do is ask.

Jason Block

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